Can you make money with a free website?


Question:  Can I turn a hobby into a few extra bucks on the side with minimal investment or is this stuff really for the big boys? 

Answer:  I believe so. 

I’ve found many sites that I know or appear to be run by one or a couple of people and they earn their money through affliliate marketing or straight advertising related to their hobby (i.e. niche).


I found that there is free software, services, websites, tutorials, videos and many more to get you started to making money on the web.  I also found there are numerous scams to avoid.  I’ll get more into choosing your resources later, but the bottom line is there is money to be made.  How much.  I’ve seen solo bloggers making $4800/month through Google and I’m sure most make less and some are making more.


In your comments, don’t forget to add other resources that might help readers.  Thanks for stopping by.


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