5 Steps to Choosing Your Website Niche


  • Unless you have a specific product to sell, us small frys make our money through affiliate marketing (e.g. selling/allowing ads on our website).
  • Advertisers like to target their ads so our goal is to choose a profitable niche market where we can be successful.

Here are the steps to choose wisely:

  1. Create a list of things you’re passionate about.  Could be hobbies, political topics, your kid’s education.  As long as you can maintain your interest to research and write about the topic, it matters less whether you’re an expert.
  2. Add keywords from sub-areas of your passion (e.g. from fishing to deep sea fishing). 
  3. Determine popularity and profitability by using keyword searches (some listed below) determine how frequently your topic is searched and the CPC (Cost per click) advertisers are willing to pay.
  4. Search for competing websites.  Don’t be discouraged by a couple of quality competitors.  Maybe you can narrow your focus and get a good audience in a sub-area.  Maybe there is enough money to go around.
  5. Relax!  Have fun!  Remember, our goal is not to get rich quick, but make some money, have some fun and have a life.


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OK, I decided to do a website.  As with most business ventures, the majority FAIL.  Undaunted, I want to have a leg up on the competition, but not become so obsessed it’s unmanageable or no longer fun.  I learned that affiliate marketing is the way to go.  Google Adsense is the 800lb. Gorilla, but there are many other ways to make money which I’ll discuss in later posts.  Regardless, you need a quality website, in a niche market with a good following of visitors.   

Choosing a niche.  To make money, the goal is to find a topic that is popular, profitable and not competitive.  Good luck with that!  After researching several hobbies, I decided that if even I found the perfect topic, I wouldn’t be having enough fun to keep it going – and stay employed.  Instead, I’m keeping with my passion and refining based on research.

With my niche mostly determined, I decided to go for it!


No YouTubes on this topic – they all appeared to be scams or sales jobs.  Nothing wrong with selling, but I’m trying to point you to free or nearly free resources if quality ones exist. 

In your comments, don’t forget to add other resources that might help readers. 

Thanks for stopping by.


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