Why designOdyssey.org?

As you can see, this is not designOdyssey.org (it’s designOdyssey.wordpress.com which I explain elsewhere), but the concept is based on the journey of a non-programmer with a job trying to efficiently create a website worthy of making few bucks and manageable without getting fired.  I want to share what I’ve learned already and where this odyssey takes me.   No, I can’t reveal my real name or the real website I’m building – remember I want to keep my job.   What you will get is a wealth of information including the following:

  • Why I chose to create a website in the first place
  • Why I chose WordPress as my platform
  • An incredible amount of resources regarding WordPress and how to use it as a CMS
  • Buzzwords like CMS
  • Resources to expand WordPress with — eeeek — programming
  • How to promote a website
  • Hopefully, how to do all this, make a few bucks, keep a job, stay married and have a decent life. 

Sound like fun?  OK, interesting? 

 Who am I?

I’m not a programmer, designer, expert or anything like that.  That’s for sure.  I don’t have the money to hire anyone (i.e., broke) or the time to take courses (i.e., job).   I’m a guy with an idea that wants to do something with it.  

How did I get here?

Awhile ago I read a book called “Multiple Streams of Income,” which basically said if you want to make money while you sleep – unlike your job – create “something” you’re passionate about that  doesn’t require your presence to make money.  Well, I’m passionate about my favorite hobby.  Let’s call it “Body Surfing.”  I love to “surf.”  I have another hobby – Gadgets.  

One day when my wallet was light, I got the idea to write a “surfing” app for my latest gadget — the Palm Pre.   I had tried basic HTML years ago and thought it would be fun and I might make a few bucks.   As I did my homework, I found that I would probably earn more with less headache making a profitable website about “surfing” instead of the Pre app.  I wouldn’t get rich, but I could maybe trade in the clunker or help out my parents.

Of course, I’d have to do all this AND keep my day job.  That means I, and probably you, have to work smart.  I hope this website can become a roadmap to how to do that.  Not by doing everything I post, but taking it as a whole and filtering out my mistakes along the way.  Already, there have been many twists and turns and there are sure to be more.

Strap on your space suit.  Let the Odyssey begin . . .