How to Use

To make this blog more useful and to save all our time, I will try to post in a consistent format.

  1. Most posts will be of the Challenge/Solution or the Top 10 solutions variety.  These are designed to share what I was facing and my current thinking on dealing with it or at least a list of the best resources I could find.
  2. If “Log Notes” is in the title, it’s a post about the journey and I haven’t solved the challenge I face.  These posts generally are short, contain few external resources and are designed as a record of what I’m going through.

Post Format

  1. Summary.  Usually a brief description of the challenge and a bulleted or numbered list explaining what I learned during this leg of the odyssey. 
  2. Background. Brief narrative description of how I got the challenge and found a solution (or at least learned something). 
  3. Resources.  Here’s the detail.  Links, Videos and whatever else I found that could help you.